Coronavirus Update - June 27, 2020

Updated health and safety policy for Sunday worship gatherings at the Fields Church, adapted from our YMCA.

Realm post - 6.27.20:


We wanted to give you an update regarding Covid as things have changed in the past few days. As you have probably seen, Tarrant County has issued a mask requirement and ordered all entities offering goods and services to adopt a Health and Safety Policy. As a partner and supporter of the AMA YMCA, we are going to be adopting the Y's Health and Safety Policy (attached). It goes above and beyond the county and state restrictions and is customized to the property we use on Sunday mornings. 

Again, we are willing to take these extra steps because we love one another and want to be a good neighbor to all! We are thankful for the opportunity and freedom we have to gather together to worship Christ, but don't want to do so at the expense of someone we love. 


Here are a couple specific actions we would like to ask of you to help us implement this Health and Safety Policy.

  • Please stay at home for the safety of yourself and others if you or anyone around you have shown signs or symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, chills, cough,  shortness of breath, etc.).  Also, please stay home if you have been around anyone showing signs or testing positive for Covid-19. 
  • Please bring and wear your own mask on Sunday mornings. This can include scarfs, bandanas, or handkerchiefs. We will have some masks available if you don't have one or forget, but bringing your own mask will help us and may be more comfortable for you! This includes children 2 and older. 
  • Upon entering, we will be following the Y Health and Safety Policy by checking temperatures of everyone with a touchless laser thermometer as a precautionary measure to protect others. This is being done at all medical facilities and many business as well.
  • Please wear you mask upon entering the Y and until you are seated in the gym. Once you have been seated for the worship gathering, feel free to take off your mask during the service since social distancing will be maintained. Please wear your mask again when we send you out until you have exited the building.

We hope this not only protects everyone who decides to gather with us in person, but also gives you assurance knowing that we are going above and beyond to make as many people comfortable and able to join us at the Y on Sunday mornings. 

We love you!

Bryan and the elders."