Jesus' Last Words Devotional

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With Easter approaching, I wanted to give us a chance to examine the cross through the very words that Jesus spoke from it.  Collectively, the four gospels record seven unique statements from Jesus while he hung on the cross.

Andrew Peterson's song, Last Words (Tenebrae), on the crucifixion first piqued my interest in these seven words.  This song takes each phrase and weaves them all together to create an intriguing blend of melodies, highlighting each in various ways until his voice fades with, "Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit."  The simplicity of this musical tapestry inspired me to take a deeper look into these seven last words and write brief devotionals accompanying each.

My hope and prayer is that you will read through these over a week and focus on the reality of Christ's cross.  As you do, consider the tapestry of Christ's emotions, intentions, and actions observed while his life was slipping away, given expressly for the atonement of our sins by the will of the Father.

May we all see more clearly the incredible love of Jesus expressed through his dying for us, and worship him for it with our own lives.

Thanks for reading,

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