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On Sunday, January 17, we are beginning a new sermon series through Genesis 1-11 called Creation, Curse, & Covenant. Genesis 1-11 is foundational to our faith as Christians and our understanding of the rest of the Bible. Not only that, but it addresses so many questions and issues we face in our world today. It is a beautiful epic and heroic narrative in which God is the hero setting out to save his creation even after rebelling against him.

The major themes of creation, curse, and covenant are fundamental in Genesis 1-11 and their implications keep coming up throughout God's Word, especially in the gospel. Is it not Jesus himself, the creator, who took on the flesh of creation and bore the curse of sin on the cross so that all who repent and believe can enjoy the covenant promise of salvation by grace through faith? Yes and Amen!

We are looking forward to studying these truths together and applying them every week and we hope you will join us! 


Sermon Series

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Bible Reading Plan

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