We have recently updated our Health and Safety Policy.  We hope you can join us for our Sunday Morning Gatherings or to take advantage of our Sunday At Home guides.

 The Family of The Fields

Family is very important to us at The Fields - not just individual families, but also our church family.  In fact, it is 1 of our 6 Seeds at The Fields.  God created the family in the very beginning of Genesis 1 and told them to “be fruitful and multiply.”  There are over 50 “one another” scriptures in the New Testament that talk about how the church is to do life with “one another.”  The Apostle Paul used the family to describe our relationship to God and our relationship to one another in the church.  God always meant for life to be done in community, not alone.

Missional groups are smaller gatherings of people from our church and the community that meet together throughout the week in homes.  They are focused around the mission that Christ gave us to make disciples.  This happens when believers live on mission to transfer the truth of the gospel to others in the context of relationships.  This is why our groups focus on these 3 things:

Mission Living

Every missional group has a missional focus.  We want to be intentional to engage a particular area of our community with consistent relationship focused activities on mission for Christ.  This often happens at our YMCA, neighborhoods, local ministries, or people and places of need.

Gospel Application

Missional groups meet regularly to apply the Gospel through sermon-based discussion, as well as one-on-one discipleship.  Our goal is to learn about God's Word together so that we can live it out and become more like Christ together.


Our groups also take time to just do life together with picnics, dinners, parties, cookouts, and other events.  These are great to build unity with one another in the hopes that all who come may encounter the love of Christ.

How Do I Find A Group?

We desire to see everyone at the Fields involved in a missional group and to see every group multiplying.  We want to be a church of small groups, not a church with small groups.  This is one of the most important aspects of being "a church in the world."  As you are considering which missional group would be best for you or your family, think about the following:

The Location | Where do they meet?

Our groups meet geographically throughout our city and area.  We do this because we believe you can live on mission and build community best with those who live closest to you.  This also brings diversity to our groups with people from all ages, family backgrounds, and life stages.  We desire for our groups to reflect our neighborhoods, which will then reflect heaven.

The Mission | Who are they trying to reach?

Missional groups are named that for a reason: they have a mission!  Check out each group's missional focus and consider your own patterns and passions of life.  Do you interact regularly with these people or with people connected to their group?  Are you willing to go on mission with this group and spend time with those they have committed to serve?  These questions will help you and your family live on mission intentionally.

The People | Who are they?

Ultimately, after considering the location and mission, we encourage you to contact the leaders of the group you are interested in and talk to them about joining that group.  You are always welcome to visit any and all of our groups as you consider which one will work best for you.

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