We know that the call to make disciples of all nations cannot be done by one church. Not only do we need God’s help, but we need each other’s help to accomplish this task. That is why we partner with likeminded churches and organizations to accomplish the Great Commission and plant churches around the world.

Our partnerships approaches are both broad and narrow. Our broad approach partners with the world's largest mission agency, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), so that we can play a small part, yet have an huge impact around the world. Our narrow approach partners with specific organizations and missionaries to have a focused impact. As a church, 20% of every dollar we receive goes out to support our mission partners, broad and narrow, in addition to special gifts when able.

Missions Partners

We support individual missionaries and missionary organizations to accomplish our hope of making disciples of all nations!

Church Planting Partners

We were supported by several church planting parners when we started The Fields Church and we continue to support these ministries to help plant other churches!


We also have certain affiliations with like minded organizations whom we have benefited greatly from. These organizations provide amazing gospel centered resources for the church.


The Church is not a building, but the people who gather together in the name of Jesus all around the world. The Fields Church is just one of many churches in our community and surrounding area helping people follow Christ. We love The Fields Church, but if The Fields Church is not for you or you find yourself in another part of our growing metroplex, here are a few churches we have built relationships with over the years and believe they are authentically pursuing Jesus and working hard to live out their faith.