Poverty, hunger, disease, fear, discrimination, suffering, and abuse are all problems that happen every day around the world.  There are many great ministries working to alleviate many of these problems, but only God’s Word can help address each one of them.  The scriptures help entire cultures shift by bringing the hope of the Gospel and the truth of Jesus Christ.  However, there are over 353 million people have NO Scripture in their native language.  That is over 2,200 languages world wide.  

The Seed Company

Thankfully, The Seed Company was established to eradicate those numbers.  The Seed Company is a sister organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  They are focused on accelerated Bible translation and hope to have the remaining 2,200 languages without scripture completed by 2025.  

As a church, we designated a portion of our monthly offerings to help sponsor this translation.  We believe all people matter to God, even the smallest of people groups.  That’s one reason we chose the Ayta Abellen people.  By partnering with The Seed Company, we can play a part in bringing God's Word to every people group!  

Ayta Abellen

As a church, we will be sponsoring the Ayta Abellen translation in the Philippines.  The Abellen tribe of the Ayta number about 6,850 people and live in the regions surrounding Mount Pinatubo.  They were displaced in 1991 when the Mt. Pinatubo errupted.  They are a tribal people group and have smaller features much like the pigmies in South Africa.

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