Some members of The Fields have responded to God's calling for them to leave jobs locally and work overseas to be part of a Bible translation team in Central Asia. They have spent time in Central Asia, Germany, and the States leading a team of workers committed to making the Bible availalbe to all that need it in this area of the world.

Bible Translation

Did you know there are...

  • 677 Languages with a complete Bible.
  • 1,550 Languages with the New Testament.
  • 2,639 Languages where Bible translation has begun.
  • 2,184 Languages left with no Scripture.

There are still around 850 languages that still need translation work started in Asia. This reality makes this work more important than ever.


Pray for our missionaries to continue serving the Lord faithfully day by day as they seek him and his will for their life. Pray for their service and leadership to these Bible translation teams that they might be fruitful and effective.