We have recently updated our Health and Safety Policy.  We hope you can join us for our Sunday Morning Gatherings or to take advantage of our Sunday At Home guides.


Stories are immensely powerful.  If you've spent any time or money in the last month on a book, movie, video game, podcast, or TV Show, you've experienced the power of stories.  At the Fields, we believe that God's story is more powerful than any other story that could ever be written, and He wants to tell it through us!

God's Story

God's story is the story about mankind's redemption from sin through faith in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.  This is the Gospel.  When the people of God are intentional to share the truth of the gospel with the people around them in their everyday life, that is discipleship. Discipleship is what Jesus commanded us to do, and it's how the church has persevered throughout history. Many of our church members have taken this command to heart, and we have seen lives changed. 

Our Story

The Fields Stories is a video series where these men and women whose lives have been changed by the gospel can share what God has done for them.  We encourage you to watch these stories and consider your own story.  Have you been changed by the power of God's story, the gospel?  Are you being intentional to share this story with the world around you?

Carolina Medina

Nick & Amy Williams