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While there is no shortage of wonderful Christmas songs, shows, and experiences to be found every holiday season, it can still be easy to lose focus of what’s really important: the gospel of Jesus. That’s why our worship pastor and worship team spent some time studying Luke 1-2 to hone in on the core truths Luke was trying to communicate about the birth of Christ.  We asked ourselves the question, how did each person in these stories respond to the good news of Christ's coming?

The result, GOOD NEWS, GREAT JOY, is a set of original songs that deliberately walk through the nativity narrative, telling the story of how God sovereignly sent His Son Jesus to save us and call us to repentance, faith, and a life of going and telling of what He has done. Every year since, on Christmas Eve, we sing these songs for our church in celebration and remembrance of Christ and His coming. One day soon we hope to record these songs and share them for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  Until then, we have the lyrics for each song available at the link below. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


If you would like to have Good News, Great Joy performed live for you and your church, please email Graham.  We would love to share this music with you!