Deacons are Servants

Deacons are simply servants.  The Greek word diakonos in the New Testament is usually translated as servant or minister.  In Acts 6:1-7 we see that the physical needs of certain people were not being met.  So, the apostles set aside 7 servants who would care for the physical needs of the church and community so that the apostles and elders could focus on prayer and the ministry of the word.  So, a deacon is not a position of power or authority in the church, but a position of service to those in the church.  Both men and women (Romans 16:1) were recognized as deacons in the New Testament so we recognize both as well.  

Deacons at The Fields

Deacons at The Fields serve the church by organizing ministries that help us be “A Church In The World.”  They recruit and resource volunteers, plan and prepare events, work behind the scenes, help to build relationships among the church and community, plus so much more.  Each of our deacons served our church before they were ever recognized as a deacon.  They do all of this out of their love for Christ and desire to see others know His love.

2019 Carlene Sloan copy

Carlene Sloan

Administrative Deacon

2019 Nichole Moore copy

Nichole Moore

Kids Deacon

2022 Megan Tanner


Megan Tanner

Women's Deacon