CITY-MovementWhat is The CITY Movement?

The CITY Movement is a group of like-minded churches committed to exalting Jesus and planting churches in YMCAs across the world. We are Churches In The YMCA (CITY). We do not just rent a room until we can build our own building, but we believe that God has called us to the YMCA for a great purpose. In this sense, The Fields has been a part of The CITY Movement since before it had its name! 

What we want to be known for...

  • Serving the YMCA as a primary platform of ministry.
  • Committed to the mission statement of the World Alliance of the YMCA.
  • Have a heart to reproduce healthy churches throughout the global platform of the YMCA.

The Reason Why

Check out this video documenting the history and foundation of the Y to get a better understanding of why we planted our church in the YMCA. Read more about how we do this here.