God's Heart & Our Hearts

God’s heart has always been for the nations. God created the heavens and the earth so that his glory might be spread throughout the nations. Every one of God’s actions since then was done so that the nations might know him. God sent his Son Jesus to die in our place so that all nations might believe and be saved. Jesus commanded his followers to the go and make disciples of all nations. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be his witnesses in all the world as we fulfill that mission.

If God’s heart is for the nations, then our heart must be for the nations. We pray for the nations so that our hearts would be sensitive to the Lord. We give to the nations so that others' hearts might be reached by those sent. We go to the nations, knowing we ourselves are sent locally, nationally, and globally.

Local, National, & Global





Here are some of the ministries and missionary organizations our members, past and present, have been involved with:

Pray, Give, & Go

We invite you to help us live on mission in the world to make Christ known where he is not known (Romans 15:20) by Praying FerventlyGiving Sacrificially, and Going Willingly.


Every Sunday morning we are committed to pray for the nations and ask God to work in their lives as only he can.  We use Operation World, Joshua Project, and other resources as our guide to systematically pray for all peoples and nations around the world.


As a church, we are committed to give at least 20% of every tithe and offering we receive to missions.  Throughout the year, we will make even more resources available to support mission efforts around the world.  Our missions giving includes SBC, individual missionaries, scripture translation, and future church planting efforts.  If you would like to give sacrificially to help us make Christ know you can donate here.


Every year, we are committed to taking the gospel to places that desperately need it in our nation and around the world as well as help to build up local churches to continue the work once we are gone.  We regularly have overseas mission trips that have included Latvia, Uganda, Kenya, and Vietnam in partnership with indigenous and and local missionaries.