Worship Gathering

10am every Sunday

We gather together for worship at 10am on Sundays in the gym at the Cooper St. YMCA (7120 S. Cooper St. Arlington, TX 76001). We have childcare available for Birth-K (age 5) in the KidZone during the service. We encourage older kids and families to worship together in the gym. Click here to read more about Family Worship.

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What to Expect

We encourage you to come as you are to worship Christ with us in our YMCA gym ("Why the Y?"). It is not the building or our clothes that are important but that we are together with hearts ready to worship Christ.

We hope you feel welcomed and loved like family when you come to The Fields. Our volunteers up at the front will help you find where and what you need, whether it's our kids ministry check-in or coffee, tea, and water. We also have a resource table for you to take advantage of. If you have a Bible, bring it. If not, we’ve got some for you under each seat and others available if you'd like to take one home.

Service Order

Our services are centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ since we believe everything in God’s word points to Jesus. Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  It is our hope that our entire worship service will bring glory and honor to Christ that leads to changed lives through the work of his Holy Spirit.


Throughout the service we spend time worshiping God through music by singing together. We believe this unifies us with a common lyric and melody to help us remember who God is and what he has done for us. We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Col. 3:16), whether old, new, or original. All of them are rooted in Gospel-centered truth from God's word (you'll see helpful references at the bottom of the screen for several lyrics).


Each service includes several times of prayer. We pray for specific nations and peoples around the world. We pray in confession to the Lord. Before the sermon, we stop and pray for the reading and preaching of God’s Word, that our hearts and minds might be transformed by the truth of the Gospel. We ask God for his help to apply the Word to our lives. To close our service, we often end in prayer for specific concerns in our church, city, culture, and world.


There is always a time of reading and preaching from the Scriptures. Our normal practice is to preach expositionally, straight through entire books of the Bible.

Baptism & Lord's Supper

When someone has put their faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, we come together to observe and celebrate their baptism. We use the YMCA's indoor pool for baptisms at the end of our service.

It is important for us to celebrate the Lord’s Supper together as a church to remember Christ’s crucifixion. We do this frequently when we gather on Sunday mornings (especially when it follows in application from that morning's text) and every time we gather as members.


At the end of each service, one of our pastors commissions us with the benediction “You are sent out to be the church in the world.” It is a reminder of our vision and mission as a church and a call to action to show and share the gospel as we go out into the world. This is also when we pray for and commission any who are being sent out on mission as missionaries, moving members, or others.