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When Jesus commanded his followers to "make disciples" he had multiplication in mind! The Apostle Paul told his disciple Timothy "What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2)  We multiply ourselves in others by finding faithful, available, and teachable men and women to invest in.  We show and share the truth of the gospel with them by sharing Scriptures, prayers, wisdom, meals, activities, and life, etc.  Multiplication happens when they find another man or women to invest in themselves.  We do all this in hopes that the process continues on and on.  This is how Jesus multiplied himself, so this is how we should should multiply ourselves.

Discipleship Process

We use the word DISCIPLER as an acronym to help us think through Jesus' process of discipleship. Robert Coleman wrote a great book called The Master Plan of Evangelism.  In it he lays out Jesus’ model of discipleship with his 12 disciples during his 3 year ministry.  Since Jesus’ strategy for making disciples ought to be our strategy for making disciples, we have taken the chapters from that book and made an acronym to help us to remember Jesus’ process for making disciples, DISCIPLER.

  • DISCIPLER CardD | Designate | Designate a faithful, available, and teachable person to disciple.
  •  I | Integrate | Integrate your life with them.
  • S | Simulate | Simulate the life of Christ for them.
  • C | Communicate | Communicate the truths of the gospel.
  •  I | Illustrate | Illustrate the truths of the gospel.
  • P | Participate | Let them participate in showing and sharing the gospel with others.
  • L | Liberate | Liberate them to show and share the gospel themselves.
  • E | Evaluate | Evaluate their life and witness to help them better imitate Christ.
  • R | ReplicateSend them out to replicate themselves in others through multiplication

Discipleship isn’t truly finished until our disciple is replicating themselves in others.  Short of that, multiplication isn't happening, just addition.

Click here to download our DISCIPLER card.

Disciple the Lost

Discipleship begins with evangelism as we share the gospel with unbelievers and they put their faith in Jesus Christ.  This is why it's important for us to be intentional to make disciples by sharing the gospel with those who have yet to believe in Christ. Oikos is a Greek word meaning “extended household” and describes the people in our sphere of influence whom God has placed in our lives to show and share the gospel (Acts 17:26).  Every follower of Christ is called share the gospel with others.  We're not responsible for sharing with everyone, but we must be willing to share with anyone!  Click here if you want to know more about oikos.


Sermon Series

Click here to listen to our DISCPLER sermon series.

Second Nature Life & Lifestyle

We have 2 tools to help you grow you in your faith and imitate Christ.  These tools are also used in our Membership Class as well.

  • Second Nature Life Stories – Learn to share God’s Story of the Gospel and Your Story of faith in the Gospel.
  • Second Nature Lifestyle – Think intentionally and practically about how you will commit yourself to God and his church by growing to become more like Christ and living on mission for his kingdom.

Bible & Books

As you make disciples, we must be intentional to focus ourselves and our disciples on God and the Gospel.  This occurs best through Bible reading, memorization, discussion, and application.  You may also choose to read books with your disciple that help clarify who God is and what he has done.  If you need some suggestions, check out our Recommended Books List.  

Downline Builder

You may also want a tool to walk your disciple through lessons to help them grow in their faith and understanding of God's Word.  Many of us use a tool called The Downline Builder which enables you to build customize material for your disciple focused on what they need at the time.