We have recently updated our Health and Safety Policy.  We hope you can join us for our Sunday Morning Gatherings or to take advantage of our Sunday At Home guides.

Field Training - Clarifying the Bible

Every Sunday until January 12, 2020

8:45am – 9:45am

Location: 7120 Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76001

Category: Field Training

Join us for a 7 week Bible Overview series that will help you grasp the overarching structure and storyline of the Bible.  The Bible is often seen as a bunch of inidividual stories collected in the Bible, but it is actually one story throughout the Bible!  

We will look at

  • Characteristics and overview of the Bible
  • Categories and Outline of Old Testament
  • Historical, poetic, and prophet book overviews
  • Complementary viewpoint of gospels
  • Outline of Acts 
  • Timeline of Paul's letters
  • Audience of general letters
  • Outline of Revelation

Teacher: Bryan Sloan
Location: Wellness Studio
Time: 8:45-9:45am
Materials: Bible & Handouts given in class