A Story about God

Even if you didn't grow up in church, the story in the book of Exodus is likely some what familiar to you.  Maybe you've seen Charlton Heston's Ten Commandments or watched The Prince of Egypt with your kids.  Either way, the book of Exodus has some of the most memorable people, places, events, and stories in all of the Bible.  With Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron, and Joshua; Egypt, the Red Sea, Mt. Sinai, and the Promised Land; the burning bush, plagues, Passover, and the Golden Calf there are a lot of amazing things included in this grand story.  But the story in the book of Exodus is bigger than any one of those people, places, or events.  The book of Exodus is about God!  It's about God's sovereign deliverance and presence with his people for his glory!

Deliverance.  Presence.  Glory.

The book of Exodus has been a important book for many people throughout the ages that have found themselves enslaved and under the hand of ruthless rulers.  However, if we are honest, we can all identify with the people of Israel in the story of Exodus because we all find ourselves enslaved to sin under the hand Satan, the most ruthless ruler, and need to be delivered.  Thankfully, God sent Moses to deliver his people so that they could enjoy freedom and be in God's presence.  Likewise, God sent Jesus to deliver us from the power and penalty of sin and bring us back to into the presence of God through his death and resurrection.  And in both cases, the purpose and goal was for God to be glorified and he most definitely was.

We hope that in preaching through these memorable and familiar stories we will see the ultimate truth that they are pointing to, our deliverance from sin and death into the presence of God through Jesus Christ for his glory!


Sermon Series

Click here to listen to our sermon series through the book of Exodus.

Bible Reading Plan

In Part 1 & Part 2, we will be reading through Exodus and continue reading through much of the storyline of the Old Testament.  In Part 1, we will also be reading slowly through Luke and Acts to remember that God’s ultimate deliverance and presence with his people was accomplished through Christ for his glory alone!  Since the second half of Exodus deals with the law of God, we will spend Part 2 reading through the letters in the New Testament that tell about Christ fulfilling the law so that we can be saved by grace through faith, not by works of the law.

Exodus Bible Reading Part 1 | January - April 2018

Exodus Bible Reading Part 2 | May - August 2018