Hurting Families

You don't have to look very far to realize that families are hurting.  It doesn't matter whether you are a nuclear family, blended family, single parent family, family without kids, or single.  People are hurting and they are looking to be satisfied with relationships that were never meant to satisfy them.  Husbands are looking to their wives and wives are looking to their husbands for ultimate fulfillment that they won't find in each other.  Parents are looking to their kids to make them happy and so they center their lives around them only to be let down.  Singles are looking around every corner in hopes of finding Mr. or Miss Right so they can enjoy the life they always dreamed of.

God's Design

But none of these relationship were ever suppose to bring us our ultimate joy and satisfaction.  If we treat them that way, they normally end up causing more pain than joy.  All people were created by God to find their joy and satisfaction in him.  Instead we worship his creation instead of him as creator.  Any of our horizontal earthly relationships are simply to be reflections of our vertical heavenly relationship with God.

We find out how we are to love our spouse by looking at how God loves his bride, the church, and how his bride should love him.  We find out how we are to love and discipline our kids by looking at our relationship with God as his children.  We find out how to be satisfied as single because we know we are never alone with God.  We even find out how we are to grow our families through multiplication and adoption because God created us in his image and adopted us into his family.

Series Outline

We will be looking at how we can apply the truths and promises of our vertical relationship with God to our horizontal relationships with one another.  

  • Bride and Groom
  • Multiplication & Adoption
  • Child of God
  • Single & Content
  • Obedient Children


Sermon Series

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