The Psalms are one of the most read and referenced book in all of the scriptures, yet they are one of the least preached books of our bible.  Martin Luther said the Psalms are the Bible in miniature.  If that's the case, we would do well to spend time studying, preaching, teaching, and applying them to our lives and the lives of our disciples! 

The Psalms are simply a collection of songs that people of faith would sing long ago.  These songs were gathered together to become the first Hymnal.  Songs are so important in every culture.  Not only do they have the opportunity to teach us knowledge about who God is, but songs normally connect with us on an emotional level.  This was true for David when he wrote many of the Psalms and this is true for us now.  


Sermon Series

Click here if you'd like to listen to our sermon series through the Psalms.

Psalm 54 Song

Our Worship Pastor, Graham Jones, wrote a worship song for our church as we were preaching through the Psalms using every word from Psalm 54.  We hope you enjoy!

Psalm 54 Song

Genre Chart

The book of Psalms is the largest book in the bible and was written over a period of 1000 years.  It is a collection of 150 songs written by over 10 different authors.  They are compiled by several different groups and broken up into Books 1-5.  There are several different genres of Psalms throughout the book and it is helpful to know and understand what genre each specific Psalm fits into to better apply it to our life.  We have created a Psalms Genre Chart for those wanting to gain a little deeper insight into each Psalm.

Psalms Genres Chart

Reading the Psalms

It is our hope that everyone will read through the Psalms together as a church so that we can discuss and apply these truths to our lives at the same time!  We will be reading 3 Psalms a day for 7 weeks and then preaching one of those Psalms on the following Sunday.

In 2014, we will also be memorizing Psalm 1 & 54.  Both of these Psalms contain great truths about God and what it means to trust him.  We want to fill ourselves with God’s word in hopes of it renewing and transforming us day by day into the image of Jesus Christ.

2014 Psalms Reading with Psalm 1 & 54

In 2016, we are challenging everyone to memorize Psalm 46 together.  We will read it aloud, sing it aloud, and hopefully quote it aloud at the end.  Psalm 46 contains several foundational truths regarding God's power, presence, and purpose in our life.  We know we are safe and sound in God because of who he is and what he has done. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to be immersed in the Psalms this summer in attempts to better live a life of worship.

2016 Psalms Reading with Psalm 46