When the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in March, we posted some thoughts regarding 'Church in a Pandemic'. We highlighted the importance of intentional discipleship during this season. Well, this "season" hasn't ended. And though we have been able to safely gather in person for our weekly worship gathering, we are unable to relaunch our Missional Groups at this time to meet weekly for community, fellowship, and discipleship.

Nevertheless, we still want to encourage all of us to be intentional DISCIPLERS! Our MGroups, were never meant to take the place of intentional discipleship relationships with those outside and inside the church. Instead, MGroups were a place to facilitate intentional discipleship relationships. It may take a little more thought and a little more planning, but just because we cannot meet in small groups in homes doesn't mean we can't be intentional DISCIPLERS.

As a church, we have had an intentional strategy for making disciples based off of Jesus' strategy laid out in Robert Coleman's The Master Plan of Evangelism. We call it DISCIPLER. We've made a detailed page on our website that lays out this strategy and gives you practical applications for living it out. 

Would you take some time this week to read 'Be a DISCIPLER'? Prayerfully consider who God has put in your life that you need to show and share the gospel with. In the power of the Holy Spirit, take steps to be faithfully obedient to Christ and his commission to make disciples of all nations. If you have any questions, thoughts, or simply want to talk through this, let us know! We would love to!