God and Politics

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As we approach the 2020 presidential election, The United States will likely become even more divided. We have seen our country become more divisive not in a matter of decades, but in a matter of years and months, and the weeks leading up to election day on November 3 will be no different. This has proven true in the last few days (written September 21, 2020) with the death or Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As believers living in America, we are being pressed to believe that faith in Christ can only result in this or that political persuasion, perspective, or vote – but this is not so.

As Bible-believing, Jesus-following, cross-carrying Christians, how are we to live, speak, and act during these times? How are we to figure out who to vote for? How are we to treat others who believe differently? How are we to view the future? How will the results of this election change how we live out our faith?

These are just a few of the common questions we all have as considerate people of faith. It's our hope to provide you with trustworthy resources that will help you when considering how to walk by faith during this time. In the end, we hope that you will trust the Lord more than government, show love and compassion towards others, engage thoughtfully in politics by faith, and continue to share the hope you have in Jesus with those who have no hope!



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